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Symbol: PERI
Analyst: John Nobile
Taglich Rating: Speculative Buy
Price Target: $7.00
Time Horizon: 12 Months
Rating Established: August 13, 2018
Price When Established: $1.05
Most Recent Report: November 8, 2019
Price When Issued: $5.18

What's New

Perion Network Ltd. (PERI) Announces Undertone and TVadSync Join Forces

On December 9, 2019, Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI) announced that its Undertone division and TV data and analytics company TVadSync will be partnering together.

Through this partnership, brands will be able to combine custom and one-to-one quality automated content recognition TV viewership data with Undertone's reach enabling brands to engage TV viewers through their entire digital journeys.

This partnership enables user-level TV data from 18 million households to trigger addressable ads on second-screen devices in real time.

Company Description

Perion Network Ltd., headquartered in Holon, Israel, is a global provider of online advertising and search technology to brands and publishers. The company provides data-driven execution, from high impact ad formats to branded search and a unified social and mobile programmatic platform.

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